Oppenheimer’s experienced professionals can assist in working with foundations, endowments and other non-profit organizations to develop or refine investment policy directives as well as formulate and help to maintain investment strategies for the long term with the potential to maximize productivity while retaining sensitivity to their specific missions.

The foundations and other non-profit organizations that choose to work with Oppenheimer have the opportunity to interact with trust managers, professionals in retirement services for their staff, executive services to help structure compensation programs and with senior management. This ability to collaborate with different areas within the Firm reduces time-consuming and expensive waste from overlapping services.


The trustee or investment committee of a trust, foundation or other non-profit organization has the responsibility of ensuring that investment decisions are prudent, appropriate and made with the dual intent of preserving and growing assets to satisfy the trust’s effectiveness. Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. can provide assistance in this mission by reaching out to collaborate with Oppenheimer Trust Company of Delaware. For those clients whose missions have a socially responsible component, we can provide investments that offer both the opportunity to maximize returns while maintaining continuity with their philanthropic or other missions.  

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