Institutional Investors

Oppenheimer is defined by our people. We strive to sustain and strengthen a culture of integrity, trust and loyalty that breeds a singular commitment to the pursuit of our clients’ best interests in addition to a constant focus on consistent, alpha-generating investment ideas. As active investors, we seek to capitalize on market inefficiencies through a rigorous, consistent, diverse security selection process. Our goal is to offer sophisticated investment products that have the potential for superior returns relative to risks as well as institutional money market funds designed to meet the needs of investors with a low tolerance for risk.


As a mid-cap investment boutique, Oppenheimer offers customized solutions to institutional investors such as Taft-Harley Funds, Public Pension Funds, Corporate Pension Plans, Foundations and Endowments and Insurance Companies that have a broad range of needs and require individualized services and have strong fiduciary cultures.


We take pride in our highly diverse open architecture and our attention to institutional investors overseas, primarily through our London, Jersey and Geneva offices. The London office provides U.S. research coverage to UK and European clients. Our Oppenheimer Europe LTD. offices feature fixed income desks that provide a sales and trading platform for overseas investors.


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