Every investor faces a different financial landscape. Where one individual sees obstacles, another may perceive opportunities. Where one investor is building capital, another is seeking to preserve it. Oppenheimer has over 130 years of discerning clients’ needs and acting on them. When working with individual clients, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. understands the fact that each investor’s financial needs are unique. We are fully aware that clients’ requirements may extend beyond personal financial well-being to that of a family business, the client’s family itself and their community. Oppenheimer’s method of addressing the challenges presented by all investors is based on our awareness that clients commonly require:
• A simple and flexible investment process
• A personal relationship with an experienced Financial Advisor dedicated to each client’s interests
• A team of professionals and specialists who back that Financial Advisor
• A full range of products and services

Working with each client and his or her tax and legal advisors as well as other professionals in the Firm, Oppenheimer’s Financial Advisors are able to create an integrated financial strategy, going beyond asset allocation to insurance, retirement strategies and wealth transfer. Just as our advisors never cease to learn, we immerse the client in an environment of ongoing financial education that helps them make more informed choices and live with them in peace of mind.


Throughout Oppenheimer’s history, we have remained dedicated to helping high net worth clients to accumulate, preserve and pass their wealth to the next generation. We strive to build you a portfolio that is resilient enough to withstand changing investment climates – a portfolio with the strength to carry you wherever your life takes you.


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