Corporations looking for assistance will find a wealth of resources here at Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer’s Financial Advisors draw on their substantial experience as well as the knowledge of professionals throughout the Firm. For example, the professionals of Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc. provide high quality institutional investment consulting services to a broad range of pension fund and 401(k) plan administrators.


The Firm’s Corporate Executive Services Group can assist corporations and their employees by creating Employee Stock Option Programs, offering a range of sophisticated strategies to protect and enhance the value of the client’s assets. This can take the form of facilitating a sale, margin lending or hedging strategies. Oppenheimer Asset Management’s Financial Planning Group has also developed the Stock Option Analyzer to help clients determine the value of their options and when exercising would be most appropriate.


Oppenheimer’s Investment Bank can assist a corporation in going public or conducting mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s Taxable Fixed Income group will assist with new bond issues and bond calls and redemptions. Our Financial Advisors also frequently serve as personal advisors to members of the corporation’s management, assisting them with the same level of hands-on treatment that they bring to corporate services.


Corporate Cash Management
Cash is potentially one of the largest components of corporate assets. Companies that enjoy a large cash cushion are usually considered to be in an enviable position. Companies whose cash flow has dwindled not only run the risk of not being able to access funds when they need them, but may lack the resources to address cash management or cash infusions promptly. In managing corporate cash assets, the primary emphasis must be prudence. The primary responsibility is to preserve money so that liquidity is available when it is needed. In today’s environment of tight credit with its associated difficulty and expense in raising capital, institutions’ fiscal health has come to depend increasingly on reliable and steady cash flow. Oppenheimer's Cash Management teams are dedicated to helping companies with large cash cushions to manage them appropriately and to help companies who need liquidity to feel confident that they can access it as needed. We commit to:

  • Remaining compliant with investment policy guidelines
  • Emphasizing capital preservation as a primary goal
  • Delivering cash as needed for expected costs (e.g., payroll, payables, etc.)
  • Providing prompt, accrual-based reporting
  • Complying with all audit rules and requirements


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