Equity Research

The mission of the Oppenheimer Equity Research Department is to provide thoughtful, insightful and differentiated research so that our clients can make informed investment decisions. The department consists of 39 senior research analysts covering roughly 600 companies across six major investing sectors: Consumer; Energy; Financial Institutions; Healthcare; Industrials; and Technology, Telecom & Internet. In addition, we provide Special Situations research, as well as Investment Strategy, Portfolio Strategy and Technical research. Our coverage encompasses roughly 50% of the S&P 500 by market cap, and is evenly balanced among large-, mid-, and small-cap companies. As a result, Oppenheimer equity research continues to be an important product for our retail, institutional, and corporate clients.

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Analysts' Transparency Report
*Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. now adheres to the California Investment Protection Standards which require, among other things, that the firm make publicly available (in a downloadable format), no later than 90 days after the conclusion of each quarter (beginning with the calendar quarter ended March 2009), the following information, if such information is included in any research report (other than any research report limited to purely quantitative analysis) prepared and furnished by the firm during the prior quarter: subject company, name(s) of analysts(s) responsible for certification of the report pursuant to Regulation AC, date of report, rating, price target, period within which the price target is to achieved, earnings per share forecast(s), period(s) for which such forecast(s) are applicable (e.g., 1Q09, FY09, etc.), and definition/explanation of ratings used by the Firm.