Consulting Group

With the objective assistance of your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor, you make the final selection of investment advisers for your portfolio. The Consulting Group closely monitors the advisers to ensure that they continue to meet the standards and objectives for which they were hired. Portfolios are evaluated every quarter to gauge investment results, and every client receives a detailed Quarterly Portfolio Review that contains a comprehensive analysis of account holdings, activity and investment performance.

The Consulting Group has several investment programs available to investors, including separately managed account and mutual fund strategies.

As part of your investment program, the Consulting Group also works with you and your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor to develop a customized, strategic asset allocation plan to meet your investment needs.  


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Client Focus

We are Deeply committed to our clients and offer the same level of service to investors of all sizes

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We foster a culture of independence and autonomy and offer clients direct access to decision-makers.

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For more than 125 years we have provided our clients with the financial expertise and insight to meet their goals.