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The OMEGA Program goes beyond the traditional broker relationship, joining the roles of Financial Advisor and discretionary portfolio manager.


Reflecting both a strong internal core of Financial Advisors and a national trend within the financial services industry, the OMEGA Group offers a client-centered approach to money management. Our Certified Financial Advisors personally construct a client's portfolio and manages each account on a fully discretionary basis, within the broad parameters you establish together with your client.


The OMEGA Program offers a unique managed money program in which experienced Oppenheimer Financial Advisors act as portfolio managers for their clients. OMEGA managers have years of professional experience, advanced education in investment management, and expertise in developing diversified portfolios. They follow a systematic process in building each client's portfolio.


The OMEGA Program manages client accounts on a fully discretionary basis, within the investment parameters established in collaboration with each client. All portfolios are individually managed on a wrap fee basis.

As part of the OMEGA Program you gain:
• Ongoing direct and personal access to your portfolio manager
• Individual and customized portfolio management
• Development of a personalized asset allocation strategy
• OMEGA Program investment guidelines that require a set level of portfolio diversification
• Ongoing portfolio monitoring by OMEGA professional
• Comprehensive investment performance reporting
• A high level of transparency to assure you of the content and performance of your portfolio

For information on the OMEGA Program, please contact Oppenheimer Asset Management at assetmanagement@opco.com or call us at 212-667-4046.


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